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20 Oct 2015

The pros at Kuwaitis Wales did a wonderful task. Somebody deliver their very luxury the most effective waterless car wash therapy is given their car by incredible vehicles to them to clean without water.
They Worry About Mother Earth, however likewise They worry about your Car Shine.- waterless carwash

Waless just uses Freedom Waterless Car Wash products. They're the Unique Vendor for your UAE, Qatar. More locations are prepared to open in the region this season and they're looking for other programs to work well with. Should you be enthusiastic about working with them, please let's know. They are around the cutting edge and taking the waterless idea to the mainstream through the Middle East.WALESS products shine clear, and guard your vehicle without needing one-drop of water and without any waste. Still, the outcomes are remarkable: hues are richer than previously, the gloss is beautiful and the area is secured as never before. Using WALESS is not difficult and self-explanatory.

Easy to Use Auto Maintenance Systems which you Spray On, Delicately Stroke In & Wipe-Off! Clear, Polish your car Without Water, Nearly Anywhere/ Anytime, Soaked or Dry, inside the Sunlight or within the Shade. Our Water-Based Freedom Waterless Car Wash Products are to applying Water and Soap Biodegradable Alternative, a Safe. Do not be satisfied with cheap imitations. Choose the Industry Leader!
WALESS Participated in World Water Day Event about the 22nd March 2011

WALESS Participated in World Water Day Celebration about the 22nd March 2011 introduced its Companies to the public and presented in Ministry of Water & Energy and highlighted the Eco vision we try to execute

Top Quality + Great Support = Satisfied Customers.

Our items clean, polish & guard without the need for water. It might appear crazy nonetheless itis correct. Waless goods do over only clean your vehicle, they guard them improve the colours of the color remarkably and preserve your auto clean & longer Great!

We Delivers our companies with our good quality goods nearly anywhere even though the color surface is extremely damaged, muddy, or caked with mud.

Mobile Home Service:
Just Contact 90010110 to your next Environmentally Friendly Vehicle Sparkle/ Detail right at your doorsteps with this Expert Mobile Household support Staff!

All Waless products are biodegradable, antibacterial, anti-fungal, nontoxic, V.O.C. Compliant, plastic- free and are100 safe.
WALESS Car Detailing. Established in Kuwait and Introduced its Ecofriendly vehicle services on Feb. We're the exceptional Sellers/ Marketers of Freedom Waterless Carwash in Kuwait, providing top quality goods in Car Cleaning Services.

We enjoy the thought of cleaning your vehicle without needing water, so the most effective products-which can provide the top result to our customers are offered by us. Quality is our primary issue.

Highquality + Excellent Service = Satisfied Clients.

Our items clear, polish & guard without the need for water. It might appear insane nevertheless it's correct. Waless items do over merely clean your vehicle, they guard them enhance the colours of the paint brilliantly and retain your car clear & longer Perfect!

We Supplies our high quality items to our services essentially everywhere, anytime even if the paint area is extremely soiled, muddy, or caked with sand.


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